Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Photo Bomb And Hair-Do's

Gabby came in the room the other night to show me her new hair-do. E'lyse has been experimenting with chalking hair. I got my camera and E'lyse came in and photo bombed Gabby's photo.  
 E'lyse (well all of my girls are addicted to Pinterest). You know it's like fantasy football for girls. E'lyse found this cute hair-do on it. Gabby likes to have her hair done in different styles so she was the perfect candidate for it. That and she has long hair.
This is from the top of it
 And the back. I think it is really pretty. It is called "The Crown" . Now just how appropriate is that for my blog? 
Tomorrow morning we get to go up to Pinetop and see our new grand daughter. I am so excited to see her, Coco and the family. Dallas & his wife Sara will be coming over and watching over the home while we are gone. 
When I come back be prepared to be bombarded by sweet grand baby photos galore. I get to see all three of our grand babies and I am so thrilled. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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