Friday, July 6, 2012

Independence Day

Now that I am way behind on getting this post finished and published. I found the above picture on I think it is a great picture.
Our 4Th was different. Usually we will either go up north to Pinetop to enjoy the cool and small town feel of the 4Th or we have a cookout, watch fire works & do our own fireworks. We have been invited to a cookout with family but we really wanted to get a major project taken care of and didn't know how long it would take.
Alan knew he would have this day off work if he chose to so we have been planning the big garage clean up. The garage has been a bit of a mess since Alan had started the major mechanical jobs on our vehicles back at the end of March. It like so many places when things aren't put back when done being used, ended up multiplying  more and more. In the morning Alan wanted to finish putting the rocks in our front landscaping before it got too hot out. So I got busy on my own things inside and then went out to the garage to face the beast. This is what it looked like from coming out into the garage.
This is from the front of the house looking into the garage. AHHHHHHHHHHH! 
It seriously was making me sick and get anxious every time I walked out into it.
 I worked on my stuff for less than 15 minutes and got it back into place. So I waited for Alan to get done and ready for my help. 
It took him a little longer to go through, sort and put things back into place. He also had to hang up a cupboard and reorganize our work bench that is in the very back of the tandem garage. 
On Tuesday I went through the refrigerators and freezers and cleared out all the old prepackaged food that was left in them. I cleared out any outdated food too. When I was waiting for Alan I took all the food out of the refrigerator/ freezer in the garage and moved it out to the driveway area and scrubbed it all out. Inside and out was sparkling white again. Then dried it out and moved it back in. I worked around the house throughout the day on other projects. Checking in and helping Alan in between. 
Improvement......yes. Still a lot of sorting and getting rid of things but definitely and improvement. We have items that need taken to their owners such as the mattress and a few boxes that are Dallas's. But it looks much better now.
This is the view from the front of the garage looking in. 

At least now I can walk out without feeling sick to my stomach. 
By the time we were done with this it was around 5. Alan was pretty sore from the landscaping and garage work. I ended up giving him a massage as our neighbors were setting off fire crackers that kept scaring me. Alan then went and got pizza for our dinner. The girls were all asked by friends to go hang out with them or cookouts so they were gone. Alan and I had a restful night watched a movie, ate pizza and enjoyed the time together. I did miss seeing the fireworks but I was tired from all that had gotten accomplished. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo 

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The Lucas Gang said...

Looking good. Maybe someday you will be able to park in there again LOL