Friday, July 13, 2012

Changing My Mind

I believe it was at the beginning of the year sometime that I decided I wasn't going to concentrate so much on the numbers of the scale. Well, I changed my mind. I have been eating lacoto-ovo-vegan (close to the 80/10/10 program) , cut out salt, cut out soda and eating about 85% to 90% raw foods for I think it is almost 3 weeks now. The salt a little less than that but still I am not seeing major results. Now mind you I am not pushing myself with my workout just eating healthy. I have decided I need to get things moving along here. Now here is my plan next week I will incorporate more walking, light weights and activity into my days.  We are going up to Pinetop to meet our new grand daughter that will be born on Monday the 16Th. Coco is having a C-section on Monday and Kyle will be with her till Wednesday when she comes home from the hospital being that Alan couldn't get off the entire week will will go up Wednesday and be there to help out with her other kiddos and of course enjoy time with her and the new little blessing. I figured I can take the kiddos on walks, play outside and go to the park to play. 
Dallas and Sara are going to come over and house sit for us so  we don't have to worry about the animals & my garden. 
 My plan then for the following week when we get back is to start out a major workout program. I would love to start to run again. I use to run when I was in Junior High and High School. I was training for my first marathon when I found out I was pregnant with Coco and I haven't ran seriously since then. I use to really enjoy running so I am going to do the "Couch to 5-K" program, some weight training and squeeze more activity into my days.
 You might ask "Why haven't you just started this week? " Knowing that we are going to Pinetop and trying to help out Coco as much as possible I didn't think I would have time to go running therefore I decided to wait till the following week. The date of that is 23Rd.
I have also set a goal to lose 35 pounds by the end of December. This is where the change in mind of the scale comes in. I have been staying steady but I am not happy with the weight I am. I am tired of feeling out of place, not being able to feel cute in the clothes that I like or even buy them where they would fit. I am sorry they do not make cute clothes for girls that are in the above average size range.
 I will not share my weight with you that is just too much for me to do. I will say that I am currently wearing a size 16 -18 blouse, I could wear a little smaller but I don't like my rolls of fat showing and my arms are huge that most of the smaller sizes are too uncomfortable.
 I wear a size 16 pants, I can't believe I am posting this! My thighs are huge. I use to be a power lifter in Jr.high and High school mostly specializing in squats and dead lifts. These both build up the thigh muscles and therefore I will never have little, skinny thighs but I can have tone ones. My waist has always been way smaller than the pants I have to get for my thighs but that is okay.
 So this is my plan as of now. I am still eating clean, low fat and mostly raw food.
Soon E'lyse and Faith will be back in school and we will be back to a regular routine so I now things will get a little better. Summers are a killer for me with the no regular schedule and the heat.
 I am not positive what I want my weight to be down to but I think the 35 will give me a big boost. I will be back to the weight I was before I started massage school and I felt so much better and I wasn't even eating all that great at the time.
 Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions or encouragement I would love to hear from you. Hugs, Bobbi  Jo


The Lucas Gang said...

I think you will start to feel much better when you start exercising. I got my workout lined up for after Kylia gets here. Its very small and basic all walking but in increments, we can swap ideas when you come up. And the kids love going on walks, so they will be more then happy to go with you around the park, and pushing both of them in the stroller is a workout all in its own! haha, cant wait for you guys to come up!

Ian said...

I managed to drop 75 pounds by doing what you are doing with two additions. 1. Every time I was hungry, I had a glass of water. 2. I didn't do push-ups, rather push aways, mainly at the dinner table.

I know if I still had that weight on, I wouldn't be doing 25% of what I am now, in fact, I'd probably be dead!

Keep it up, you can't imagine how good you feel with the extra off. If I can do it, anyone can!