Sunday, July 1, 2012

Part 2 and Giving Up

 Life has gone by so fast this past month. I can't believe that my last post was on June 7Th. With kiddos being out of school time has just flown by. I was sick for a little over a week, had my Birthday and now we are into July. 
 Do you remember my last post Why Not Just Eat It? Well this is the 2nd part to that post. I have been doing nutritional research and trying to figure out what my body needs, wants and what I am willing to do. In the reading I have done I found that another reason it is great to juice is that the body doesn't have to do so much work to break down the food for digestion. We as a people do not masticate (love this word) or chew   our food as much as we need to,  therefor it is a lot more work for our bodies to break down the food for elimination. 
 Now on to my new goals I have set. The day after my Birthday June 28Th I decided I was going to become a lacto-ovo-vegan. Meaning I will still consume some dairy like small amounts of cheese and maybe still egg whites but not much. I also decided to start eating about 85% to 90% raw foods. My body doesn't seem to like the meat products too much and I feel awful afterwards. The raw foods really make me feel better, I have more energy and don't feel as sluggish after a meal.

 My new goal for the month of July is to give up this:

Saturday I was giving a massage to a new client and friend Megan who was telling me about her running and that she gave up sugar 12 weeks ago. This inspired me to make this move now so thank you Megan! 
 I do have high blood pressure so I have to take medication for this (it is a very low dose) but still is something that if I don't take it I swell up like a blow fish if I eat too much salt. 
 This is a major weakness of mine. Hi I am Bobbi Jo Nichols and I am a salt addict. (HI BOBBI JO)
No I am not making fun of people in AA . My point is food can be an addiction for some people and for me there are certain foods that fall into that category.
Before I know it school will be starting again for my girls so we are planning a couple little get a ways. One of the soonest ones will be when Coco has her baby. I am so excited to meet this sweet little girl, Kylia .
 Then we are planing a camping trip soon after that. 
It has been a good summer so far and just now getting a little too hot for me and my liking. 
Well it is Sunday evening and it has been a good day. We attended church, came home, had lunch and a long discussion as a family. Now we are all just enjoying our evening. 
I'll check in a little later this week.
 Hugs, Bobbi Jo 

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