Monday, May 5, 2008

The Weekend and Monday

On Saturday since the boys were gone, E'lyse, Faith, Gabby and I went shopping. I decided to get my girls addicted to scrap booking so I bought them each a small packet of scrap-booking supplies. They were so excited, we then went to lunch. After arriving home there was a short rest then to the FUN! E’lyse went swimming with a friend so Faith, Gabby and I did our scrap-booking. Faith finished 4 pages, Gabby finished 3 pages I did two. Being that the girls needed help and items that weren’t on the table for them. We had a good time!!
On Sunday the boys came home, we went to church, came home and ate dinner. I really don’t care for 2:00 pm church and now that we are back to the regular 3 hours makes it harder. It was E’lyses turn to teach FHE. We played the game Heavenly Fathers Land. It is played like Candy Land. We played in teams of 2 and had a lot of fun. Good job E’lyse!
This morning I went to Scrapbooks Ect. to get my page of the week. I don’t have a picture for it, but I did finish the page.
Since it is Cinco de Mayo I have made chimichangas, tacos, refried beans with onions and cheese, salad, organic chips and homemade salsa. YUUUUUMMMMYYY!! I love Mexican food.
So this is what we have been up to here. Oh I did forget that we have some funky virus going on that causes vomiting then feeling better, then again with no fever or other symptoms. It is really strange. Last week Gabby, and this week Faith.
Take care and chat with you soon. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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Coco Lucas said...

HAHAHA I love the girls scrapbook pages, and I am sure Olycea would love to know that there is a picture of her looking like that! hehe

Happy Mexican Day, lets celebrate for the people who are taking over our country~!