Thursday, May 1, 2008

21 Years Ago

Can you believe how young we look here? It cracks me up!
21 Years ago today Alan & I got married. I was 23 and Alan was 26. We had met on a blind date at Mark & Renee's house. Alan was going to introduce me to people in the singles ward being that I had just got reactive in the church.
We met on a Sunday night. We went out the following Friday night. We went out every night that following week and on that Friday night he asked me to marry him. We knew each other 41 days from the day we met to the day we were married. Crazy as it was we felt like we had known each other forever. We were sealed in the Mesa Temple for time and eternity, we have had 5 wonderful kiddos, have a son-in-law and the cutest little grandson, and we moved 14 times, we have been through a life & death situation, several tough times and a many great fun times together. We have disagreements but no fights. I love Alan with all my heart and soul. He is my better half. It has always seemed from the time we met that when one of us was week the other was strong and helped pull each other through. Not losing site on what is important in our lives. Alan has been through a lot with me, he has been patient and loving. He has been a rock for me and our family. So Happy Anniversary Al, I love you and I am so thankful for our life, friendship and eternity together.
Have a great Thursday! Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Coco Lucas said...


Im so happy that you guys are my parents!

The Hammond's said...

Congratulations you two!!! I am so glad that you got married. What would I have done if you hadn't married Alan - we would have missed out on all of our great experiences, like the time I needed to brush my teeth and forgot to knock... And where would I be without all the short jokes? I miss you guys like crazy! Have a fabulous anniversary.