Friday, May 9, 2008


The first picture is the page that Gabby made for her teacher Mrs. Lind for Teacher Appreciation Week. I love the picture in the center. I think it is sooooo cute!!
Last night I am getting ready to take my bath. Anyone who knows me knows I love my bath. The bubbles, the warm water, a good book and I am a happy camper. I look at my jar of bath oil beads. These are beads that Alan keeps me stocked up on throughout the year. My pretty hearts, pinguins,ducks, little flowers and fizzy beads. He knows what makes me happy. My full jar is full of gooshy stuff! I looked closer and someone had put water in the jar and they had all started to melt together ARGGGG!! I was a little upset.
I waited till this morning and call Faith & Gabby in my bathroom. I had the jar covered with a towel. I pull the towel off and Gabby gets this look on her face of “I got busted!” her lip started lowering and she looks up with her big eyes. I didn’t even have to say more but I said,” Did you do this?” Gabby said,” Yes mommy.” And she starts to cry. I told her she was banned from using my bathtub. I told my girlfriend when she came over for us to go on our walk and she started laughing. She said that is such a Gabby thing. I said, “ Yes it is!” Good thing Gabby is cute!
Have a great day. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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Coco Lucas said...

Okay i LOVE gabbys scrapbook page that it so her! and as for the oils, thats sad but funny.