Saturday, May 10, 2008


Today my good friend, Melony and I were planning on going to lunch at 11 and out to do a little window shopping and just hanging out. At 10:00 am I get a call from our Bishop that there was only 1 worker who showed up this morning at 8 to fill orders at the Bishop Storehouse. I have the great calling of being Assistant Cannery Specialist. No I am not joking this is my 4th time in a different ward to be called. Anyway so he asked if Alan and I could go and work until 3. Alan was still in Pinetop doing some replacement of a water heater. So Bishop asked if Dallas was here and could he go. At this time Dallas was finally getting to mowing of the yards that have needed done for 2 weeks now. So Dallas and I went and worked at the cannery. I had a good time and met some great people!
I am trying a new detoxing program that I will share more with you at a later time but, on my way home I started getting to feel like I had the flu. Losing my hearing in my right ear, and other yucky signs. I think this is all due to the toxins coming out. The method is called oil pulling and it is very interesting. So if you want to read up on it here is the link: .
Alan and Faith just got home. Alan is taking Faith to a school play. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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