Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What is going on

Well today started out with the same thing the alarm going off. Packing lunches and getting breakfast made for Alan.
Dallas my dear son doesn't want to get up. After 4 times of waking him he comes upstairs and asks if I can take him into school late.Why? He is tired!!! EEEK.... okay I say no due to an appoinment I have and he needs to get to school. How do you motivate a kiddo to get their homework done, hang out with friend and get to bed early Just balance out their life? I am going nuts trying to figure this out. No one ever told me about this part of parenting. Sometimes I feel completely at loss as a parent. I don't know what to say to help him. I keep praying that I will have guidence in this situation. And maybe I am and I am just doing what the Lord want me to do.
Job hunting is not progressing with Alan but he still has work with a good friend for the time being. We just have to have faith that things will change and something will come along. All in all life is good I have a great family, I am happy and I have hot chocolate to drink. What more could a girl ask for.
(Maybe a little more sparkles!!!) he he

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Anonymous said...

Eh Dallas needs to learn that on his own. Weird how teenagers dont value sleep. I LOVE SLEEP.

As for dad something will come has he talked to that company lately???