Monday, February 11, 2008

Sunday to Monday

This picture was drawn by Coco a while back. I think it is sooooo cute!
Sunday was a good day. We went to church came home and took a nap. Gotta love that! We were invited to the Worldwide Leadership Training Meeting with some good friends of ours, Randy and Sherri Pickeral. The meeting was not what I expected. It was less formal and I thought it would be more on how to teach the classes. But for anyone who went to it, it wasn't it was about FAMILY! I loved listening to Elder Oaks speaking and being so honest about things that go on in the family, not sugar coating it. It was great!
Today I went and stocked up on lunch supplies. Good old Wally World. I really should own stock in that place. LOL
Not much going on here right now. I need to work on our FHE lesson for tonight. I will check in later. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Anonymous said...

Hey I made that picture.
Well your day was more productive then mine was. At least you have stores to go to, unlike me who has safeway and walmart. not too fun. I am excite for you to come this weekend. And We would love to go to the snow with you! We will have to get a snow suit for Talmage though. he he!!

Bobbi Jo said...

Cool! Talmage is soooo cute! I can't get over his sweet little eyes. Sherri said he looked like you. Hugs, Mom

Kristen said...

Yay you have a blog! i'm so excited, now I can leave cool comments on YOUR blog! :)

Melissa said...

Yes! I am so glad that you have entered the blogging world and I love reading all of your posts. So fun!!
You are such a great Mom and always making fabulous dinners for your family. They are very lucky kids!
Oh and you definitely should have stock in Wal-Mart. I always come away from the place with a good story for the day.
Keep on posting my friend and I will get on the ball and post a new one as well. Have a great night!!