Friday, February 8, 2008

Tip for Moms

This is why you don't let a 7 year old vacuum their carpet in their room without making sure to check that all items are up off the floor.

Gabby and Faith had cleaned up their room. After they were done Gabby asked if she could vacuum it. I asked them if everything was cleaned up off the floor? All the pony tail holders? The crayons? The Barbie clothes? They said yes so I said okay.

A few minutes later the girls called me in and I found the blue spots. For a while they mysteriously didn’t know what it was that had gotten ran over. Come to find out it was a marker. A marker the size of a regular pencil. How could they not see it? ARRG!!
The spots in the picture are after some cleaning up too. Today I used Goof-Off and the blue came out more.
There is still some blue showing but it is better. I will keep working on them.

So #1 lesson don’t trust a 7 and 8 year olds judgment of what is not on the floor and #2 lesson is keep a bottle of Goof-Off on hand at all times!
See Meredith it doesn't end!!!
Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Anonymous said...

Oh Boy. Well I wouldnt trust Gabby vacuuming any day. Im sorry. Thats no fun!

The Hammond's said...

I think it should have been purple marker instead of blue. What do you think? You say that they never grow out of it? Does Coco still color on your walls? Don't let Coco have a marker! hehehe