Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentines Day!

Good morning! Hope everyone got to spend some time with there sweet hearts yesterday. Alan and I went out to dinner. Me trying to be frugal heard that Coco's (not our daughter) he he was having Prime Rib for a great price as their Valentines Day special. So we went there otherwise it would have been Mexican food (my favorite Mi Amigos). We get sat down and they are out of Prime Rib. BUMMER! So we got steak and lobster. I haven't had lobster since I was in Alaska. It was really good. Then after dinner I had coupons for Cold Stone Creamery. OKAY pay attention here if you have a Cold Stone near you grab your money and go there. I had the very best ice-cream in my life. It is chocolate made with Ghirardelli chocolate! OH MY GOSH!!! It was Heaven in a cup. YUMMO!!!!
One more thing I want to become a spice girl so I have to have a catchy name right? I have picked out two names and I want your opinion on which one I should be. The first is Scrappy Spice (due to I love scrap booking) but, this reminds me of Scooby Doos nephew. Not sure about that. The second one is Crafty Spice. I like it but not sure about that one either. Let me know what you think. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Anonymous said...

OO COLD STONE! I like that place. We might have to go when I come down! Sicne we dont have one here. Dangit.
As for spice name. Did you mean Crafty Spice? You said Crafty Scrap???? LOL

Bobbi Jo said...

Oops! Type O! Yes I meant Crafty Spice. And yes Cold Stone is a definite Yes! What's a few more miles walking to burn it off. HE HE