Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Spice up your life

Okay who is not a fan of the Spice Girls? I remember thinking; I want to be a Spice Girl. I always wanted to be Scary Spice (loved the leopard print outfits and the platform shoes). I thought how much fun it must be to just be who you want and sing on stage and travel with your gal pals.
Now you all know my secret dream! So yesterday I went to my store, Wally World and got the Spice Girls Greatest Hits CD and have been driving around listening to it.
The music brings back fun memories of times with my nieces Meredith and Savannah. They would sing the songs and dance when we went camping or to the cabin on trips. Thanks for the fun times.
Now I am in search for the movie. I have got to watch it! Maybe next week Coco! We can force Kyle, Alan and Dallas to watch it with us. LOL
Have a Spicy Night! Hugs, Bobbi Jo or should I say Bobbi Spice (he he)


Anonymous said...

ooooo i cant wait. can we make a new spice girl...coco spice????

We will have to rent that. and make some kind of chocolate snack. Yep Sounds good.

Bobbi Jo said...

Yes ther must be a Coco Spice!! Sounds fun to me. I will check at Block Buster and see if they have the movie. Hugs, Mom

The Hammond's said...

Yo! I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really want!!!
That is so funny. I think someone needs to be Farty Spice - I ate beans last night so it should probably be me! haha