Monday, February 4, 2008

Okay now what

I decided after much time of reading some of my favorite blogs that it was time for me to get on the blog roll! So here I am. I am wanting to make this blog a way for friends to know what is going on in our families life.

Our family moved back to the valley in the middle of October and we are still trying to get settled back in.

I have been away durring the past three weeks to try and help out our oldest daughter who just blessed us with a beautiful grandson named Talmage. He is so sweet and kissable. He just stole my heart. We are hoping that our daughter, Coco and her husband Kyle will move down soon.
Tonight is family night and Gabby our youngest is teaching the lesson. This should be a lot of fun. Gabby is such a nut.


Anonymous said...

OOO your a cool blogger now!
That little guy on you page is a cutie! hehe.

Yeah things are looking really good for us moving down there. As long as we can find a good house for cheap.. WOO WHO!

Love you Mommy!

Bobbi Jo said...

Thank you for noticing I am cool! jaja I love the little guy on my page.
I hope you guys can move down we will keep you in our prayers and find you a nice house for cheap. Love you, Mom