Monday, March 28, 2011

Backing Up

 Events since Thursday March 17th. Where do I start.........we were to go camping on Thursday the 17th we had been planning this for over a month. I got a call about 5:20 am or so from Alan's Mom to tell us that his sister had passed away. This sister Barbara, lives about 3 hours away from us. We didn't know when the funeral would be so we changed plans to going on Day trips instead of our 3 day camping trip.
 We went to the funeral on Tuesday March 22nd. It was a very nice funeral. I wasn't close to Barbara so it was nice to hear from those that were about what she did and who's lives she had touched. The viewing started at 9 and we got done about 2. There was a nice luncheon put on buy the church. It was good to see Alan's family members too. I don't see them that often but always nice to visit with my sweet nieces and see how everyones families are growing and changing.
 On Wednesday I found out that my sister had put my Mom into a nursing home but no one told me. Needless to say I was upset. Then I found out it was on Feb. 28th when she was put there. WHAT? No one contacted me about it. So I got even a little more bitter and I had to step back take a bunch of deep breaths and pray for help in the process of getting over this. It wasn't that simple.
 I finally got the information with the phone number and called my Mom. I feel so guilty that she is alone in a nursing home. She said she is lonely and that makes me so sad. I know she has Alzheimers but I hate the thought of her feeling alone. She said she doesn't remember anyone asking her to go live with them. I had wanted to but was told by people that it wouldn't be a good idea. I don't know still if it isn't the best thing to do. I wouldn't want to be alone in a place where I didn't know anyone. This just makes me so sad that I can't think about it too much or I cry.
 Thursday Coco called and asked us if we could meet up with her, her children and in laws to pick her up in Phoenix so she could stay with us for a while. Of course I jumped at the chance to have her & my sweet grand babies here. Love having them here.
 This is Naima loving on Talmage as he takes his afternoon nap. 

 On Friday Alan flew to Atlanta, Georgia to be best man for one of his brothers weddings. He went with his Mom and they had a good trip. Enjoyed meeting the new bride and her family. He came home on Sunday. It was good to have him back home.
 So this has been going on in my life. I haven't worked much in the past 2 weeks but not to worried about it. I have had enough on my mind to keep me busy.
 If I haven't left a comment don't think I haven't been checking in I have. Love looking at all the wonderful blogs and getting motivated, ideas and hearing how everyone is doing. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Ann said...

WOW! You have a lot going on! Praying for a little peace for your heart! T and N are soooooo adorable!!

grumpy said...
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Gramee said...

guess I better be on my account to comment.

Lots of prayers for your family!..

Your babies are so adorable and getting so big! (time for another Coco?)