Saturday, March 19, 2011

Last Part of Friday Road Trip Fossil Creek

  Our last stop on our Friday road trip was Fossil Creek . The road into Fossil Creek is through a canyon of twisty, wash board roads. Very bumpy ride in and out. The area near the creek is beautiful, peaceful and very enjoyable. Check out the link to learn more about this area. Now the pictures that were taken.
You can barely see them but there are hundreds of fish in the creek, I was scared of falling in so I didn't get to close when taking this picture. And yes the water is that blue, I didn't use an enhancer on it. It was beautiful!
 The bridge that passes over the creek
 Looking across the creek
 The girls trying to decide where they were going in at, it was a little cool still
 E'lyse found this little turtle but Gabby was the brave one to pick it up, so cool!
 This is the turtles under side. I think it is beautiful. Gabby wanted to be able to swim with the fish and she did. Well more like sat with them as they swam around her. She had a lot of fun!
 I am a sucker for a creek picture such as this one. So awesome!
 Faith was the first brave soul to venture out to the rocks
 Under the bridge
 I joked to E'lyse that this would be a great place to meditate or do yoga. She struck the pose then I looked up and there were 3 or 4 guys (teenagers) looking down smiling at her as she did this. I think it is a awesome picture.
 I told the girls I would pay them $5 for the first one that caught a fish with their hands. No one won but it was fun to wash them try. 
 E'lyse planning out how to catch a fish
 We came out of the canyon near Strawberry Arizona and this is what happened on the way home. E'lyse asleep on her mini-hippo pillow pet
 Faith and Gabby too past out. It was a long and very fun day.
 We are hoping to visit the Grand Canyon, Tombstone and the Chiricahua National Monument  along with a few other places in the near future. 
You gotta love a road trip!  
 Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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When did they get so big and pretty? well they have always been pretty, but not in that young woman kinda way.