Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 17

Day 17- someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why. I am cheating here. I have thought about this long and hard so I decided to cheat and use a few of them.
 1st Our loving Prophet Thomas Monson. I would love to be that close to perfect and have the communication that he has with our Father in Heaven for just one day. That would be awesome. 
 Now the more shallow reasons and people that I picked.WARNING  Coco you may not want to read this next one. 
2 nd would be Jillie Mack- you may not know who she is. She is known as Tom Sellecks wife. You ask why would I want to be her. Well just look at this picture here: 
Need I say more? Well I will just for you because I know you are curious. I have had a crush on this man since I was in 6th grade. Before he was Magnum PI. I have a poster of him from back then. I would love to kiss, hug and smell  him and not feel guilty for even thinking about it.I am big on a good looking guy smelling just absolutely amazing and I am guessing he does. He is just YUMMY!!
 The next would be Martha Stewart. To have her knowledge and have so much going on in my life. I think it would be fun.
 So those are my people. 
Tonight is date night with hubs. Have a wonderful evening! Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Anonymous said...

ewww gag gag gag =D

Faith Rose said...

Wow mom... just... wow....