Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 9

Wow! It is already Friday I can't believe it. So today is Day 9 and I am to post something I am proud of in the past few days. I am proud that I have been keeping up on this blogging for 30 Days. I have been such a flake on this wanting to blog but life get's busy or it is the same thing to say over and over. So this is it!
 Tonight going to a wedding reception then out to dinner with Alan.
 Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. I am working doing chair massages at Encanterra from 11 to 8. Working the Three Dog Night concert there. Should be a fun day!
 Have a great evening! Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Anonymous said...

Way to keep up the blog! It is a miracle. I wish I was there to go to the reception. not fair.

Deanna said...

I admire you on keeping the blogging up. My blog has been interrupted so many times by illness that I am so ready to just be able to blog on a regular basis!

Deanna :D