Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Need

 I think I seriously need another 30 Days of Blogging challenge to keep up on my blog. Life has been moving along with a lot going into a day.
 Alan and I have been working together on getting the house looking the way we both want it to. Deciding to start the massage business at home started the ball rolling back in November of last year. We got the room massage ready and the front bathroom.
 We worked on the landscaping of the front yard two weeks ago. Pulling out plants that the frost killed off and putting in some beautiful new plants. With me helping to pick out, of course I got a lot of pink coloring in the flowers. Love my pink!
 I got the second garden planted with the help of my Grandson Talmage. He helped me plant onions that are doing beautifully. Picture borrowed from Coco's blog (my daughter &Tal's mommy) Thank you Coco!

   I love this little guy. He is my buddy! He was so eager to help out and did a wonderful job.
 Alan and I have been working around  the house this past week. We have owned this house a little over 6 years and decided it was time to repaint. So in the high traffic areas we decided to paint in a semi gloss. We still have the great room and the down stairs hall way to paint. Hopefully we will have this done in the first part of this week.Although it will be a busy week I think it is a good chance of it happening.
 On Friday night we took Faith and Gabby out to dinner at MiAmigos for dinner ( so yummy!) then we went shopping for dresses. They have grown out of most of their church dresses. The girls had so much fun trying on clothes and got some super cute dresses at 55% off. Then we went to get ice cream. It was so much fun hanging out and just having a good time.
 I have joined Coupon Sense again. The last time I tried it I didn't fallow it the way it is suppose to be done. So this time I am doing it full force and working on getting our year supply built up.
 In church today Alan gave a talk in Sacrament from a conference talk of What Did You Do With My Name? He did a really good job. I was also given a new calling last week. I am now the Valiant 8 teachers. I have to say I feel so unworthy to teach this class. I really struggle with this feeling. Trying to work on this.
 We have also decided to get rid of our TV/cable due to the cost and time. The prices are crazy high and getting higher and we only watch a few shows every week so we decided this was a good decision. Actually we had talked about it but then I went to a womans conference and one of the speakers said something about how the media damages us and our self esteem. At that point it was like I was being told this was something that needed to be done for myself and my daughters. We get all these images pushed on us daily to be thinner,  we aren't beautiful unless we have certain products and this is just a vicious cycle. On top of all the garbage that is on TV that really doesn't need to be seen or heard. This is just my opinion so I hope no one gets offended by this.
 I have been working at Encanterra when they need me. I worked the Good Life Festival last week. The band Chicago was there and I got to give chair massages while I listened to them playing. It was fun and met a lot of wonderful people.
 Currently I am working on some changes in my life. I need to get back on the healthy track. I have fallen off so BAD it isn't funny. With Alan being home we go to eat with coupons, drinking soda almost all day and I am feeling it. So this is something I need to get back on. I also am working on becoming more organized.
 So this is what has been going on in my life. I am looking forward to this coming week.
 Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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I cant wait to see all the new paint and pretties in the house!!!