Friday, April 29, 2011

What A Week

  I know the week isn't over yet but what a very LONG week this has been.(this post was started on Wed. late at night mind you.)  But first let me back up to last Thursday. We finally got to go camping. It was much needed and wanted. Dallas had to work so he didn't get to come with us. I was bummed I was hoping he would get to go. So we went camping up to a place called Forest Lakes. This place we use to camp at with my brother Mark and his family many years ago. Many fond memories of it so it was nice to go back. By the time we got to set up camp it was dark and a bit chilly. We survived and got camp set up. E'lyse was a big help with unloading and setting up tents. We had a fun time. At the site we found there was a tire swing in the huge tree. Gabby found it so much fun to spend a good portion of  her time on it spinning and getting dizzy. This is a picture of Gabby on top and Faith on the tire part.

 This is E'lyse on the swing checking out the area. 
 This was a much needed get away for all of us. Alan had a turkey tag so he did a little bit of hunting in the morning and one of the evenings.
On Friday we drove up to visit with Coco and the grand babies. We had lunch with them. It was fun to see them all. 
On Saturday Alan took Gabby fishing. So while they were gone E'lyse, Faith and I started to break camp. We got a good bit done by the time they got back. We headed back home at noon so we would have enough time to prepare for Easter Sunday.  

I took this picture after we got home from church. E'lyse, Gabby and Faith. They are growing up way too fast.

On Monday Gabby woke up in the morning hurting and not wanting to go to school. It was hurting for her to put pressure on her legs. Alan and I had errands to run so we took her with us. As the day went on it got harder and harder for her to get out of the truck or even walk. I called her specialist and while waiting for her to call us back we decided to take her to our primary care to see if they knew what was going on with her. After waiting to get in to the doctor for almost 3 hours he says he doesn't know what is wrong and we need to take her to the children's hospital emergency room
By this time it is now after 7:30 and no one has eaten dinner. Hubs goes and gets pizza at Little Ceasers while we get Gabby some things to take with her. We eat dinner and are off to the hospital. Long story shortened A LOT she was admitted at 4:00 a.m. 
We get her settled in to her room and crash at almost 5 get up at 6:05 and hubs heads home to take care of the kiddos at home. 
Great news is that all of the blood work and x-rays they took were completely normal. Even the markers for the ulcerative colitis. I was thrilled but what is wrong with her??? 
Turns out that there were 2 other girls being treated for what seems to have been an elimination problem. This lack of being able to go to the bathroom was causing such severe pain that she couldn't even walk. CRAZY!!!
They started her on meralax   (sp?) and some other pills to help her and she started to feel better. I think this is the oddest thing I have ever heard and believe me I have heard a lot of weird things. 
This is Gabby in her wheel chair at the hospital. 
She was finally released and we got to come home. I was so happy to get home with her felling better.
This shot is of the first of my sweet peas to blossom. I was so excited I cut them all and put in a vase on my bedside. Love sweet peas, this is the first flower my husband brought me when we were dating. Melted my heart! 
 Gabby is still doing better after being home 2 days with a good attitude. I am so thankful for the blessing that was given to her in the hospital. I am grateful that it wasn't the UC causing the problem and her blood levels are all normal. I am so thankful for the caring people that work with her at Cardon Children's Medical Center. It was great to see everyone again but wish it was under different circumstances.
 Hoping this will be a wonderful weekend, I am going to try and make it that way. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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