Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Halloween Decorating And My Quick Craft

I decorated my house almost 2 weeks ago for Halloween. I like Halloween but not the yucky or scary things. I am way to chicken for things like that, plus I want the house to be full of uplifting pretty things. I wanted to share some pictures.
This is in our entry way
The All Hallows Eve banner I made last year
Hard to get a picture of it without the sun shining through.
The dining room light
Table in dining room area
The item you can't see in the front very well is a sign that says Halloween. It is sparkly with glitter. Bought it at Wal-Mart.
Area above kitchen cabinets
Saw this on Maratha's blog and thought they were so cute.
This sits in front of my sink on the island.
My teapot that hangs in the kitchen
This cat door hanger I bought a couple of years ago at Jo-Ann's. The vintage or vintage remakes are my favorite types of Halloween decorations .
I had in my plans to make a Halloween tree to decorate but no branches to be found yet. Still looking! There is much more throughout the house and the front of the house but I had so many already.
I emptied my box of Truvia last week. By the way I love this sugar it doesn't give me a stomach ache like Stevia or Sweet-n-low. Anyway I was looking at it thinking that it is such a great box. I thought to myself what could I do with it? So today I had the erg to do a craft so I covered the Truvia box.
I used glue sticks and glue dots to put the paper on.
As the progress continues
Inside after it is covered
And the top of it I think it turned out cute.
It took care of the need to be crafty in a short period of time. Still working on ideas for Christmas and love what I am finding. If anyone wants to share some I would appreciate it.
Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday. Mine has been good so far. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Nothing Too Fancy... said...

I really love your "nothing too fancy" approach to decorating! Your crafting idea is GREAT!

Jaclyn said...

Nice Halloween decorations!

The Lucas Gang said...

I cant wait to see them in person!

Ann said...

I too am a chicken - spiders is about as scary as I go - LOVE the decorating!!!!