Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Temple Fast

Temple Fast on October 21st...Tell Everyone-Share!

Today at 8:50am

Recently there has been a lot of opposition over the building of the new Phoenix, Arizona Temple. As the 1st assistant of my Priest Quorum, I was asked by my Bishop and my Quorum Advisor (Dad) to tell you all about something that our Youth Council and I would like to do about this.

Next Wednesday October 21st 2009, I want as many members of the church as possible, ESPECIALLY YOUTH, to fast with a prayer in our hearts for the progress of the temple construction and for the hearts of those who oppose it to be softened. I know that if we all unite in faith on this day we will see a great miracle as the Lord blesses us. The following is how this will work....

On Tuesday, (the 20th) everyone go into your room or a quiet, peaceful place at 7:00 p.m. At that time know that tens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of people, will be doing the same thing. Continue to fast for 24 hours from that point. OUR ward plans on holding a Fast and Feast activity on wednesday night for mutual. We will have a fireside/testimony meeting followed by us breaking our fast together with some delicious food! If you like this idea and your ward would like to hold there own fast and feast activity...I think it would be awesome! The more people that participate in this the better!

This doesn't need to be strictly members of the church either, Invite your friends to participate! It could be a great missionary opportunity!

Lastly, If you read this, please post it on your page! Send it to everyone you know! Help me spread the word! We need to let everyone know and we only have a short amount of time! I need your help! SO SEND, SEND, SEND!

I KNOW that if we do this, we will see results! I love this gospel! Christ is my Redeemer and it is our job to ensure that his work fills the earth. Happy Fasting! I wish all of you luck, and I expect all of you to ask me how my fast is going on Wednesday.

Thank You So Much!

-Trevor Nally
Servant of the Lord
(P.S. If i included you in the note it's because I really need you to help me spread this around to everyone)

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