Tuesday, October 13, 2009

FHE And Hunting

Last night I believe was a successful Family Home Evening. I taught a lesson that I found here at Sugardoodle. The lesson was on Family Responsibility. Everyone seemed receptive to helping out and doing their part as a family. I had made up one big chore chart but have decided to make individual ones that the children can look at for their daily chores. I am thinking this will be more effective.
Warning: For those who are Peta supporters you might want to skip this next part.
On Saturday my Hubby and our son, Dallas went hunting. Dallas has a Javelina tag. So they went out did some varmint calling and hubby called in a fox. So son shot it he has been wanting to tan a hide so this is his opportunity. It's his first fox and he is pretty happy about it as you can see.

I have gotten a good bit of my chores done this morning. Getting up at 4 with hubs we finished doing the budget, I packed his lunch and got him off to work, got 3 loads of wash done, bedroom straightened w/ bed made, got a soda and recycling taken to the school bins. I have a lot planned for today including some fun time with the kiddos & my workout. Hope you all have a great day! Be happy. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Scrappy Girl said...

Sounds like you have been a busy chickie gettin' your house and people in order. Poor widdle fox.

Anonymous said...

Wow my siblings were receptive to chores? What happened to them.

Way to go Dallas. Don't tell him this but seeing the pictures reminded me of the one you have when he shot his first rabbit and made me tear up. No, not for the rabbit but because Dallas grew up.

Nothing Too Fancy... said...

Congratulations, Dallas! Great to be on the top of the food chain!:-)

Keep up the good work, Bobbi Jo! I know your family appreciates it, even if they don't always remember to return the favor.

My husband seems to think elves visit during the day to clean.LOL ;-)

Sondra said...

I love sugardoodle... I am there every week getting inspiration. It's a huge help!

A fox.. wow! I'm from a hunting family - but mostly just deer and elk. I think it would be cool to tan. Put the tail on a hat *giggle*.

Busy girl.. I find that I get sooo much housework done in the mornings. It's my best time of the day to quickly get my house in order and play the rest of the day... at least have time to do things I enjoy when the house work is done in the morning.

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

I'm getting tired just reading all those great things you've been able to accomplish before lunch time! Better get me a soda before I read any more :) Love the menu ideas, sounds delicious, hope you don't mind if I borrow a few ideas!


French Charmed ~ Rochele said...

Time for hunting already? I still have my fishing gear out ~ Congrats Dallas! And thanks so much for stopping by Bobbi Jo.