Friday, October 9, 2009

Pictures Finally

I found out the new SD card I had bought that didn't work was too powerful for my 4 year old computer. he he
So I had to go to a lower GB. Here are the pictures from Crazy Hair day on Tuesday.
Gabby was stylin with her little up do Faith's hair is hard to see under her "Broadway Hat" as she calls it.
This is one of the girls new friends and neighbors Macy. She has different colored streaks in her hair.
This week has been a fun one for the girls. This is their last week before Fall break. We had Parent Teacher Conference and I am happy to announce strait A's for both girls, meeting their AR goals and far beyond. They have both improved so much in their academics and I am very proud of them. Keep up the great work girls!
I have been up since 4:30 and have almost all of my morning chores done. I have some errands to run this morning and a few items I am working on for Halloween (crafts) and starting plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Money will be tight so I need to really come up with some neat ideas, I have a few.
Tomorrow is Pink Saturday so hope you will check back and see my pinks. Have a great Friday! Hugs, Bobbi Jo


shortmama said...

Cute 'dos!

The Blonde Duck said...

How fun!

The Lucas Gang said...

Unfortunately Gabby's hair resembles mine in the morning. I miss those girls!Well minus the neighbor I have never met her. Oh and by this time next week I will be back home and annoying you! The count down is ON!

Tammy said...

How fun to be a kid again. I am often one at heart. Oh Love your crown by the way all sparkly. Beautiful.