Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Trying To Save More

I have to admit that I use to not be a saver. In fact I was a spendaholic. If I had money I had to go buy something. My worst purchases were honestly on food. Not that this is a major thing but we really didn't need that much for our storage. Well I guess you could say it was a very, very well stocked food storage. 
Does that make since? It was like I was scared of running out of food. Hence it shows in the weight gain. 
I was unhappy with me so I fed myself by spending money and then having buyers remorse.
Although it is great to have my food supply it honestly got out of hand. If it wasn't food it was craft supplies.
Up until I started going minimalist I didn't realize how much I was spending and what a waste it was.
I found this chart on a blog (OH MAN! I can't remember what blog it was. SNAPADILLYDINGDONG! )
Well I decided to do this for this years part of saving goal. Now this isn't the only one but this is the one I am doing on my own. I love a challenge.
If anyone knows where this chart came from I would like to thank the person, so please let me know. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo


lisa said...

I have this chart from a friend on facebook... but I didn't have it on my blog... I have it on my refrigerator and one in my budget book......
I changed it up a bit because I know towards the end of the chart in December will be hard as it is during the holidays...So I am putting one weeks savings and putting it in the savings each month...same with November...I will have the same amount saved...

I thought I was reading myself in this blog... Crafts and food.... My mother in law was a saver because she went through the depression... so she always stocked up on things and I loved how she always had a supply of boxed stuff and supplies... The past 2 years I have downsized the food stock of boxed stuff.. AS for my crafts I am still working on that.. I have rid myself of some things but it is so hard to get rid of that stuff...

Have a great day... Lisa

RhondaLue said...

That's a great chart and a great idea and goal!!!!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Love it!!! It really is amazing to look back, when spending unconsciously, about how much money.....ugh, I shutter to think. :) Great post!