Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Picture ~Week 2

This morning at our church the power all of the sudden went off. So they sent out a notice that church was being canceled. Well we didn't get the notice so we went to church. Apparently before everyone was notified the power came back on. I didn't have my ringer turned on my phone so I didn't get my text from my friend till I got home. Oh well, we were there and things went good other than the Relief Society room was freezing! 
(The Relief Society room is where they have the ladies class- for those of the ages of 18 and up.)
The meeting were good and I enjoyed feeding on the gospel. 
Time for Sunday picture
I come down stairs to take pictures E'lyse is playing the piano and Faith and Gabby chatting away.
E'lyse, Faith and Gabby 1-13-13 
 E'lyse and Gabby making mustaches with Faith's hair
Goofy faces
E'lyse ready to bite, Gabby with Duck lips and Faith growling
 Girls being silly some more
 E'lyse hiding in Gabby's hair
I was trying to get a good picture of Faith and Gabby kept jumping in front of the camera 
 Again Gabby photo bombed Faith. Gabby loved how her nose looked huge in this she kept laughing at it.
Faith and the only picture I could get of her after Gabby bombing Faith too many times. 
Tomorrow is a new week. Ready for the week I think! 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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Z said...

Great pics Bobbi. Sorry I have been MIA. Will be reading up more!