Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sunday Picture & Road Trip

Here is my Sunday picture of the girls. 
E'lyse, Faith & Gabby
Not your typical Sunday picture. Long story short. We were suppose to go to Pinetop this weekend.
I have been battling a cough and Coco was worried I might be contagious so I am was not sure either.
So we decided to play it safe and go up in a few weeks. 
We were already packed and headed out of town so we asked the girls what do you want to do now? 
We decided to go to Jerome and Sedona. 
The girls have never been to Jerome. So it was fun to take them there.
I would have loved to get out and walk around but Alan just doesn't get into that.
Jerome use to be an old hippie town. Most of the homes are built on the sides of the mountains. 
It is so cool. The houses are so old and awesome looking.
This was headed up the hills to Jerome. 
Another one 
Legends say there is areas of Jerome that are haunted. There is a old hotel with a restaurant that is sad to have many spirits roaming around.  
We stopped to play in the snow and stretch out our legs 
Gabby and E'lyse 
My silly girls 
E'lyse, Faith and Gabby
E;lyse with her little snow ball
Driving into Sedona.
It was a fun quick trip. We didn't stop in Sedona due to it was getting a little late and we wanted to get home at a decent time. 
Faith in the back of the truck at gas station
E'lyse on the way home 
Gabby asleep on E'lyses lap on the way home. 
I love spending time with the family and checking out cook places. Maybe next time we will go and walk around. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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The Lucas Gang said...

Sorry your daughter is a crazy!haha. I love Jarome, we should go sometime! I'm totally there provided we stop for food, cause I love food.