Friday, January 18, 2013

No Picture Down Load Friday

Oh I have been so lame this week. No extra pictures taken for today. 
I honestly have felt so yucky most of this week. I got a text to go to work on Tuesday and right after that I started coughing and it went on from there.
I went to work on Tuesday did the massages came home and I crashed. I started getting chills and feeling super tired. So the rest of the week I have been sleeping a lot getting over this. 
Well I do have to give myself a little high five for getting a little bit of workouts in this week. 
I was planning on changing up my workouts but I just knew my body could only do so much.
I saw this and just had to share this with you. 
I truly believe this. 
Not that I always have a Pollyanna attitude but I try to stay up and positive. 
I am doing better today than I have all week. So glad the coughing is making my stomach hurt so bad. 
I also lost my voice . A extra blessing to my family.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo 

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Z said...

I know what you mean...'extra blessing to the family' ;)
My hubby would feel the same way--if my voice goes bad!

Did you add me on Sp?