Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving...Can I have a do over?

So yesterday was Thanksgiving. Coco and her sweet family came down to spend it with us. I have been excited about this holiday it is my favorite. But come the night before Thanksgiving I wasn't ready.
Coco and her family got in late. We stayed up WAY too late. Woke up Thanksgiving morning not feeling so great. Besides the recovery process I have been going through from the surgeries my body is fighting or going through something else that I haven't been able to figure out other than a little depression.
Anyway so I get up and things were going a long and I had assigned some chores to be done and they weren't finished due to some change of plans of those who were assigned and I lost it. Unfortunately not one of my best parenting or mothering moments. I yelled. I was so upset and tired and didn't seriously f eel like cooking or doing anything but going back to bed. There is more to the story but to protect the others I will only say it was not good. Not trying to make people get down just trying to keep it really.
I cried, child cried, we talked, husband came home I cried more and hubs went and talked with crying child.
All was taken care of but boy what a terrible memory maker this one was.
Then as I am preparing dinner I come to find out that I am out of a bunch of things that I needed. So sweet Al went to the store for me and got them.
Dinner was made and eaten but not the greatest I would have to say.
Then a little later I found out that Coco had told Gabby that Santa wasn't real. Poor Gabby! She keeps saying that Coco ruined her child hood because of it.
So in a nut shell this is one Thanksgiving that will go down in the books as the one that was the worst disorganized Thanksgiving in our family history.
I guess it could be worse my Father had a Aunt die right at the table on Thanksgiving when he was a kid. Gotta look on the bright side.
So can I have a Thanksgiving do over?
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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Janel said...

Ohhhh dang that does sound pretty terrible, but hey we all have our years, it can't always be perfect every time! I need a do-over from last Christmas, I'm hoping to redeem myself this year :D