Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Wind Up

I am not a huge fan of Halloween. I use to be but it has got way out of hand with the grossness and money that it costs for candy & costumes. I would be just happy going to the Trunk or Treat and our church and calling it good. But that didn't cut it this year for our youngest Gabby. Faith opted out for this years Trick or Treating. So Gabby and 2 of her BFF's went with us walking around. We went to our two neighborhoods and it took us 2 hours of walking.
There was one house that is set up super gross with a guillotine, electric chair and gross bloody fake people in their front yard. EWW! I won't even look at their yard if I am driving down the street.
The girls insisted on going down the street. I told them as long as it was right as it was getting dark. So we did. The girls went up in their pretty costumes and said trick or treat. The owner lady who was wearing a bloody shirt said to the girls "Oh you want a treat! ", and proceeded to pick up a chain saw & start it up as she chased them. I was a little more than ticked off that someone would do this to three 11yr.old girls. I was so upset. She proceeded to tell the girls that the blade was taken off of the saw ( oh that is comforting). Anyway we kept on walking down the street to houses and all of the sudden we hear the chain saw close to us and the idiot lady was walking down the street with it firing it up. Now I don't mean to be a stick in the mud but not everyone likes this kind of terror especially little kids or whimpy Mom's like me.
So we got done and back home where I felt safe and secure.
Sorry about the rant I just don't think some people get it. To me Halloween is no longer for the kiddos it is for adults. It is now the #1 adult holiday passing up New Years Eve.

Now for pictures to wrap up this holiday.

This is a picture of Gabby with the eyes she made at Ainsley's house out of bendies. She likes to creep her sister out with them.
Naima in the bathtub pretending she was Santa with the bubbles on her face
Faith carving her pumpkin
E'lyse and her super hero pumpkin Spider Man
Talmage making a scary face
Cute pumpkin Gabby made at Achievement Day

Naima isn't scared of much but this silly paper spider she didn't care for

Talmage the night of Trunk or Treat as Batman then about 15 min. before we left he decided to be Buzz Light year (sorry no pics of that one!)
Naima as a pretty girl pirate
Gabby as Pumpkin Girl
Sara as a Bumble Bee and Dallas as a Biker
I may be a party pooper but not sure if I will be celebrating Halloween next year. We will see! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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