Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Not Much

I haven't been blogging due to not much has been going on. Well things have been going on but really nothing that I felt I wanted to blog about.
I went in on Tuesday the 15Th and had my leg worked on. I didn't ask what they were going to do because I really didn't want to know in case it would freak me out even more than I already was. I know this was WAY less invasive than the bladder lift or the hernia repair but I was really scared. So anyway I went in and they started with laying me on a table and rubbed me down with freezing cold iodine from bottom of left foot up to my belly button. The Dr. then came in and said he would be giving me numbing shots so I would feel a pinch. WHY DO THEY SAY THAT? So he started there worked his way up the leg as they had lifted the table and had it at a tilt that I felt I was going to slide down and off of. Weird feeling! I won't go into great detail but I kept feeling what they were doing so he would numb me some more. I was given about 42 shots the entire way up to the groin area. WOW talk about weird. On top of that they had me on some loopy narcotics so I would relax. It ended up what they had done was a striping of the vein. I go back in on Dec. 21St for a different procedure for the rest of the veins on that leg. Merry Christmas to me!!! he he Actually I will be glad to get this all done and feel better. The vein that was first worked on wasn't even the one that causing me pain.
This week is Thanksgiving and is my favorite holiday. Coco, Kyle and her sweet kiddos will be coming down on Wednesday to celebrate with us. I am excited to see them all.
So off I go to take kiddos to where they need to be and back home to work on what needs to be done here. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


The Lucas Gang said...

I am so excited to come down.... I do have to admit I didnt read all of your post because I didnt want to barf all over my keyboard.

Jacob and Meredith Hammond said...

Hey! My email address is ilovenash@gmail.com