Friday, November 4, 2011

Home Schooling

I had been doing online/homeschooling (using an online school program in our state) with Gabby since the beginning of the year. She has not been super thrilled about most of the work being on the computer and in her words it was boring, until last week.
After doing some research on programs that would give her the hands on that she wanted, the knowledge that she needs to get a good education but not cost a lot of money if any at all I found one. We are now using the K-12 program. After registering her into the school and filling out the needed paper work to get her started up the school was in touch with me through emails to get started right away. Supplies were sent within 4 days and continuing contact on all that was suppose to be happening.
True we are only a little over a week into it but it is so organized, all the supplies were delivered to us, they have online training for the Learning Coach (me), continuing learning classes to help me be able to help her learn and understand the material and a teacher ready to help at any time. LOVE IT!
The program is so organized and Gabby seems to enjoy it a lot. As her elective she is taking French as her foreign language (how fun is that!)

This is Gabby on Thursday morning as she was doing school work. The house was cold & I startled her when I took the picture

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Merrianne said...

that is awesome!! we were gonna do the homeschooling thing this year.. but changed out minds. we are still considering it for next year, though.