Friday, December 9, 2011

Not Much

Yesterday as Dallas, Gabby and I had gotten home there was this little gecko in our garage. Not uncommon but not usually this tiny. Dallas caught it and it is on his finger here.
I started to say "I will hug it, love it, feed it and call it Herbie and he will be my friend", then as I started the kiddos are like yea right Mom. These little guys creep my out something fierce.

Honestly I have not had much to post here. Life is going along day by day. I was talking with hubs about this, this morning and told him I have lost passion for things and I don't know if it is just feeling under the weather lately or what? Just puzzles me. I love Christmas but I just don't feel like doing all of it. We have our shopping just about done I am talking there is maybe 3 more things we want to pick up and we will be done.
I started back on call last week at the spa. Sad to say but my main focus has been on trying to get Gabby all caught up on her school work. She has fallen behind in math and I am the WORST ever to help teach math. It has never been my strong point nor have I ever enjoyed it.
We got our tree set up on Thanksgiving Day. Kyle put it up for us but it was missing the screws that go on the bottom to keep it in place. So I waited and got the girls to try and help me but I couldn't lift the 9 ft. tree up to get the three little screws in the bottom base of the tree. ARG!!! So I waited some more then finally Alan and Dallas got it done. Guess what the tree still isn't decorated! I know shocking. We did get the white tree up it is 6 ft. Actually Gabby set it up when I was at work last week and her and Faith decorated it in all pink. LOVE IT!! So maybe just maybe tomorrow the big tree will get trimmed.
Well now back to working with Gabby and housework. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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Michelle P said...

That gecko is super tiny!