Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Tree

This year we down sized our tree and our Christmas decorating. 
I have had a 12 ft. tree for the last 7 years. The problem with my massive 12 ft tree was the guys that I need to help me set it up didn't like doing it too much. 
So Coco offered to sell us her 9 ft tree that she got on clearance a while back but couldn't use, due to her ceilings being to low. She sold it to us and it worked out just great. 
The downsizing of the decorations have come due to me just not feeling like decorating everything this year because of other (what I feel more important things) needed to be taken care of.
So not all of my trees got up and not every room is decorated this year. 

This is Gabby who requested that she put the topper on the tree this year.
This tree has mostly homemade or ornaments that family & friends have given us over the years. 
 There is 24 years of love on this tree.

 The pretty tree topper that Coco & Kyle got me a couple of years ago.
 Another angle of the top of the tree.
 Our display of the three trees and a picture of the in the process of being built Gilbert Temple 
 9 ft, tree with gifts under it
 My girly tree that Faith and Gabby decorated for me. 
My dog Nellie is on the left side of the tree. Guess she thought she would sneak in for a picture.
More Christmas to come a little later. Hugs, Bobbi Jo