Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

It is Christmas Eve!
I am glad that it is almost Christmas. It has been a very low key, and  low stress Christmas season. 
I didn't stress to get out Christmas cards or anything that was too much extra this year.
The two younger girls are making plates of goodies to give to a few neighbors & husbands home teaching  families. 
Right now the house smells like brownies.
Below is the pile of Christmas gifts Gabby built.

Black Friday brought us the opportunity to get a new trampoline for the family. The price was great & it is one of those things that get's used year round. So yesterday (Friday) Alan brought it home from work. He had been storing it in his work trailer. The girls are so excited about it. We thought since Christmas is on Sunday we would give it to them early so we can set it up today.
Tonight the 3 girls that are still home are having a Christmas Eve party in their room. Watching Christmas movies, having munchies and exchanging small gifts to each other. I am sure not much sleeping will be involved but I know they will have fun.
It use to be tradition for all the kiddos to stay in the same room on Christmas Eve. What fun memories I am sure they have of those long nights.
 Tomorrow morning we will be getting up (early I am sure, we usually do) we will open gifts. Then I will make a Hootinani for breakfast. We will eat and get ready for church. 
There will only be one hour of church tomorrow so I am sure we will be coming home, eating lunch and having a short nap. (At least Alan & I) while kiddos enjoy what they got.
From our home to yours we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas! 
 Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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The Lucas Gang said...

I remember staying up so late playing the play station or Clue with them. It was so much fun. Too bad I dont have the energy for that now!!!