Saturday, February 2, 2013

My New Toy & Mater Pictures

My new toy. It is an insulated lotion holder for my lotion or oil for when I give massages. 
I am super excited about this. I usually have to try to warm up the oil or lotion as to not startle my clients with cool lotion. This will keep it at an even temperature & it is pretty.
Still thinking about blinging it up with some pink of some sort to make it more me. 
This morning our church had EFY. E'lyse was the only girl in our family that was old enough to go. You have to be 14 yrs. old. Last night they had a fireside with BBQ, hot chocolate and food. Speakers to motivate and help to bring the Spirit to the group of around 300 young adults.  
This morning they all met and went out to do service projects. 
Drew (E'lyses not boyfriend -boyfriend) got permission to join in on our steaks day.
When they got home around lunch time they ate then E'lyse brought out butter mints and they decided it was time to be Mater.
Here is Mater 
Here is Drew Wetch & E'lyse being Mater. Butter mints are great for this.
 Drew as Mater
 And E'lyse getting photo bombed by Drew.
These 2 are so silly. But a lot of fun! 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo