Monday, February 25, 2013

Ward Youth Talent Show

Tuesday night our Youth in our ward had a talent show. 
I had taken video but I can't get them to download here. 
I am bummed because Faith and Gabby were in a GLOW DANCE number it was really cool and well done. No pictures taken of them during this time, bummer! they did a great job. 
Faith also wrote and act in a skit that I unfortunately I didn't take any pictures. 
This is Frank who played a song on his Red Guitar 
 E'lyse played an mix of church songs that she plays by ear. She did a great job! 

This is two of the girls that did a dance number 
This is Josh and Cade. They first played a One Direction song, then Justin Bieber song then a third one.
Cade sang and played. They did a great job and Cade has a wonderful voice. 
Gabby and her friend Alexis. Alexis has been going to mutual with Gabby and got to be in the dance number too. 
 Mallory, E'lyse and Alise BFF's and such fun girls. 
 Mallory, E'lyse and Alise just being cute
 E'lyse and Mallory Miller with photo bomber Alan! 
 Root-beer floats were served after and everyone enjoyed it. 
 Faith, Gabby, Alexis and Skylar in the back.
One of my favorites of the night. E'lyse and Mallory making a heart around my love, Alan. 

 I was a proud Mamma. I was impressed of how well my girls performed and so glad they have these opportunities to work on and use their talents. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo 

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