Friday, February 8, 2013

Picture Download Friday

Oh my goodness I cleaned out my phone today and found a bunch of pictures that I didn't 
even know I still had on there.
Good news it's Picture Download Friday 

 Kylia being silly
 Snow picture from Coco of Pinetop
 Coco's cute haircut
 Talmage and robot face
 Nellie ( my giant hairball)
 Sunset from back yard last year 
 YUM pickle! 
 I just love pictures of kiddos reading this is Kylia
 Coco and Naima 
Talmage in shades 
 Naima being cute
 Macy Van Gieson and Gabby with flower clips they made 
 E'lyse with avocado eyes  
 Louie, she is Gabby's dog
 Truck I saw in a parking lot
The license cover say's "My next wife will be normal" 
 Faith in the van with me 
 Crow in a tree 
 I thought this was so funny! 
 E'lyse in van being cool 
 Belle (E'lyses dog) and Nellie in van with me to pick up E'lyse from school 
 Naima dressed up 
 Ainsley and Gabby (not sure what they are dressed up as)
 Nellie in van with me
 Clay fruit Gabby made 
 Sara at Bridal Party in her toilet paper dress
 My head at church the girls put their flower clips in my hair
 Sara in her toilet paper dress
 Faith with "Special " sticker on her head 
 Poor Naima getting her faced stretched by Coco
 Gabby doing her homeschooling 
 Gabby at Target hugging candy cane
 Beautiful rainbow
 Gabby with Jingle at Target parking lot
 Gabby & Jingle at Target 
 Alan's foot after he had ingrown toenail surgery 
 Faith at audition for Oliver 
 Kylia (love those big eyes)
 Talmage & Naima doing stretchy faces
 This is from Phoenix Magazine. This is one of the massage rooms that I work in at Encanterra Country Club at the Alvea Spa 
 Naima and princess Barbies
 Naima with bottle & cute piggy tails 
 Kylia with Snoogle bunny
 Valerie one of my vocally adopted daughters. She knows I love pink and crowns 
so she sent this to me. 
 Gabby in a tutu head dress
Now my phone has room to take more pictures. 
I hope you enjoyed the download. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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The Lucas Gang said...

Holy Cow some of those are really old.