Monday, February 25, 2013

Park Play & Lost Award

Two weekends ago Coco and her sweet family came down to visit for the weekend. 
On Saturday Coco, Gabby, Talmage, Naima, Kylia and I went to the park to watch Dallas, Kyle and friends play ball. 
On the way there Naima and Talmage had fun rolling down the small hills at the park. 
Naima in action
Naima, Gabby and Talmage heading up to roll down. 
Lost award goes to Alan and I for not being the top grandparent's of the year.
I went out Tuesday morning to clean up the back yard and I look up on the top of the 
9 foot ladder and see Naima's birdhouse that she brought down with her. 
She wanted me to put it up in the tree but it was super cold so I asked her to wait till later in the day. This was on Saturday morning.
Now when I told Alan we lost this award he said, 'How am I involved in this loss?"
 I proceeded to tell him that he was the one who left the ladder out there from 3 weeks ago.
So glad Naima didn't get hurt making this climb. 

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