Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday Gabby's Sewing & Update

Gabby has started working on Christmas presents lately. She made some pottery last week while I was in the hospital. I apologize I don't have a picture of those.
Knowing her friends don't read my blog I figured it was okay to post these sweet little "Stuffed Thingies" as Gabby calls them.
This is the one she made & gave to me

Below are pillow's she mad the pink ones are for her bed
and the Halloween one is for our couch.
These are the other ones she made for gifts.
I think they are super cute!

Yesterday I went to the two Dr.s that did my surgeries. I went in to the first and they removed my catheter. They checked to make sure it was awake and functioning and all went well so I was able to have it permanently removed. YEA!! Yes I did a happy dance and even gave the nurse a hug. I am just weird that way I get happy and celebrate. I go back on Nov. 11TH for the 6 week check up to get full clearance.
Alan and I went to lunch to a restaurant called Smash Burger . I had been hearing about this place since I was in the professional program and it was so yummy! Of course I have been eating very light and not very much. So I would suggest if there is one near you go on a day date and have a yummy burger and smash fries. SOOOO good!!
Then Alan had a few stops to make for work and I just sat in the truck enjoying being out and about with him.
We then went over to the Dr. who did my hernia repair. He checked his work and said it looked great. He gave me medical clearance to do light house work, no lifting , no heavy housework, no bending, no twisting, and a few other things that have left my mind right now.
YEA!! I was super excited to have this great news from both doctors. I feel better each morning and throughout the day I see little differences of progress.
I will not be able to do massage till after the Nov. 11TH clearance also depending on what happens with the Dr. on Thurs. & Fri.
I will take this time to recover and enjoy my progress that I make.
One more to share of big news. I actually got sleep last night. I have been off pain medicine since Sat. evening and I have been having to sleep on my back all nigh. I am not a back sleeper at all. Last night I carefully rolled myself over to my right side, this took a while then placed a pillow under my ab area and slept! Talk about feeling so much better. I actually slept in till 4:20 this morning. Felt so good!
My midsection is still very swollen and huge but this too shall pass. Happy to be doing better and able to sleep on my sides.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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Melodie said...

Ouch! goodness I know you are glad that is all behind you! I hope your road to complete recovery is a fast one! Love the little stuffed "thingies" !