Friday, October 21, 2011


This morning I went to make my breakfast of two eggs and a piece of wheat toast. I get the pan ready and crack one egg then I get out another egg and try to crack it. It won't crack to I tap it a lot harder. It turns out someone put a hard boiled egg in the carton. So I call up stairs " Gabby did you put a hard boiled egg in the carton?" With a devilish voice she says "Maybe?". Little turkey. She got me good. he he
So I put it aside thinking I will have the egg white for lunch. At lunch time I go down and get in the fridge to get my egg. Gabby had eaten it! Guess I should have ate it while I could have.
I love my kiddos.
Speaking of kiddos Coco and her kiddos are going to come down and stay with us for a week or so. I am so excited to have them here. I miss them even though I talk to Coco almost every day it is so much fun to have her and the children where I can hug them and kiss them in person. Too bad Kyle can't come down to but work calls. So I will enjoy them while I can.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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