Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall Wanted

I just love a pumpkin patch so Gabby knowing this drew this for me

There had not been much going on since my last post on October 10TH. I am still recovering and trying to not over due it. I had done that 2 days in a row and ended up hurting and learned my lesson. (I hope!)
I am so anxious for the weather to cool down. We are still in the 90's + here in the valley of unending heat. It is 99 today and I am so in the mood to turn off the air conditioning and open windows.
Enough complaining though. I have been watching a couple series on Netflix this week. Yes this is what you do when you really can't do too much. In between dishes here and there, a little more cooking, word search and reading. The two that I would suggest is called Heavy and the next is Ruby. These are both a year old but I have enjoyed them and getting motivated to work out. I forgot how much I missed exercising until I really can't do it. I have been walking and finally got my treadmill moved back in the house so I can walk even more.

During my time of recovery this girl has been my constant companion. She has always been by my side and followed me everywhere as I go about my daily tasks from room to room. But I have had to tell her to go out side to go potty. The first night & day I was home she stayed by my side of the bed and wouldn't go outside. Now that is loyalty.
Although she does look a little spastick here in this picture.

I found this note hanging on my desk from my sweet Faith. Love it!
Last night our steak had it's Halloween Dance for the youth. E'lyse and her BFF Alise decided to be Leiser 1 and Leiser 2 (instead of Thing 1 & 2)
They got together and painted their shirts & hair bows. Planning out their costumes.
I think they did a good job.
Of course the big thumbs up picture
And a close up of the pretty Leisers!
Now just a random thing. Last week I made a dish I saw on the Food Nanny. The show is on the BYU channel. Anyway she had visited a little town in California that is all Danish. She visited a little place that made the traditional Danish dinner called Frikadeller. It is basically a Danish meatball that is shaped like and egg. Boy oh boy was it good and easy to make.
Recipe in case you want to try it.
2 lbs. of fine ground pork
2 eggs
1/2 cup of milk
1 T. salt
1 T. pepper
1 med. onion finely diced
3 T. flour
Mix by hand and form using a spoon and your hand into egg shapes.
Cook in olive oil in a pan till crisp and no longer pink inside.
Make a

I also made a dish that I don't know the name for. I will call it Red Cabbage side dish.
1 head of red cabbage, shredded into med strips & chopped.
Put in large pan and cover with white vinegar.
Add 1 cup sugar
A pinch of ground clove to your liking
3 Bay Leaves
Pepper to taste
Put lid on and let boil down. It will take about an hour or two.
When done pull out Bay Leaves and serve with the Frikadeller.
We will be having this dinner again. The family enjoy it.

Hope everyone is doing well. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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