Monday, October 3, 2011

Kind of Back

Thank you my sweet friends for all the well wishes and prayers!
Media Fast is over. Last Monday I had the two surgeries and the Doctors said that they went well. The hernia repair went an longer than anticipated due to having to clean up old scar tissue this took 90 min. to take care of. This was from other surgeries before he could move forward with the repairs and he found a new one at the bottom of the abdominal wall. I was in the hospital till Thursday night with a lovely catheter in tow due to some muscles not yet ready to function on their own. What a pain, although it is nice to not have to get up and go potty so often. I know too much information! Sorry!!
I felt the need to stay one more night. I got home and that night started throwing up, not a good thing to happen after the surgeries that deal with the abdominal area. I was better buy Friday morning after a new prescription for nausea. Then there were some other problems that came up that I got taken care of.
Conference weekend was great! Watched all the sessions and enjoyed them with Alan. It is always like a fresh start every six month to hear the wonderful speakers and our sweet Prophet Thomas S. Monson. He has such a wonderful spirit and I love his stories and the facial expressions. He is an amazing man!
Today is Monday. I have been sitting around watching BYU TV, Netflix and Hulu Plus also working on word-searches (my favorites) and taking walks around upstairs. The family has been taking care of me very well, bringing up food, water and snacks, taking care of the garden for me and the house work. E'lyse has really stepped up and taken over on the Mommy chores. So grateful to have them to help me out and for their love and patients with me as I shuffle around upstairs.
Tomorrow I go to the two Doctors the first to remove the catheter, and then the other who did the hernia repair. I will be super glad when this week is over. I have 2 more Doctors appointments on Thursday and Friday for the veins in my left leg. They will be doing an ultrasound on Thursday and then results on Friday.
Honestly I am looking forward to being back to someone a normal Bobbi Jo and being able to sleep on my side again.
I will be around in the next couple days to visit you all. It is hard for me to sit here very long.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Marydon said...

Oh, sweetie! I hope all continues to improve for you. You've sure had a load.
Prayers lifting for you still.

Have a great week ~

The Lucas Gang said...

Good luck with the doctors today!!! Sorry I couldnt be down there to help, but it sounds like Dee Dee has it covered.

jules said...

I tried to leave a comment on your post from today but it wouldn't let me...

I am so glad that your appointments went well and you are on the mend.