Saturday, August 6, 2011

What I've Been Up To

On the 30TH of July was our wards Pioneer Day Celebration. Most of our family didn't go to it. E'lyse went and showed girls how to make little material dolls. Gabby went with  her BFF, Ansley and her family. Since Coco & her family was down to visit we really didn't feel like going anywhere.
Gabby came home with this pretty center piece for me.
This is me (no makeup) and sweet little princess Naima.
Enjoyed the time with the grand babies. They are so much fun and so lovable!
On Wednesday I decided that I really needed to get my refrigerator cleaned out and organized. So I pulled 
everything off the door and out of it scrubbed it down and got it nice and organized.  
The door
The inside. I do have another refrigerator in our garage that came in handy when cleaning out the indoor one.
I love having things neat and orderly.
After getting the fridge cleaned I decided to follow Crystal's lead from Every Day Food Storage 
and place my bread making supplies in a #10 can. I have yeast, gluten and lethicine in separate containers inside this can for my bread making. I then made a label for on it.  
This one has my fresh ground wheat flour for bread making.
Here is the bread that I made. I still need to tweak the recipe a little bit 
Bread is ready to go in the oven
The bread is done
The family sampled it to give me there opinion of it and as you can see they liked it. 
Gabby loves playing with her hair and she is so silly some times. She put chopsticks in her pigtails to make them stick out. She is such a nut!
So this is just some of what I have been up to. 
We have E'lyse who started back to school 2 weeks ago. Faith starts school this coming Monday and Gabby will be home/on line schooled this year. Long story short last year since Gabby had missed so much school her teacher said that Gabby would probably have to repeat the 5TH grade. We got her AIMS scores back from last year and she passed everything. So she will be tested and placed accordingly for this year for our homeschooling/on-line school through Mesa Distance Learning. We are happy that even though she had missed so much she was able to do so well on the testing.
So it is late Saturday night and I really need to head off to bed so I can get up for early church. 
Have a wonderful and blessed Sabbath day! Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Ann said...

I would love it if your would share your wheat bread recipe - that looks sooo yummy and I have been dying to get a good wheat bread recipe to try!

Ham N Cheese said...

Wow you look good without makeup!!! We miss you guys!