Monday, August 29, 2011

Dave Ramsey Money Lesson $1

Dave Ramsey Money Lessons $1

Two Invaluable Money Lessons for a Buck! (95% off)Dave Ramsey Money Lessons $1 Follow this link Mama Source

Don’t miss your chance to get these two audio downloads from Dave Ramsey!
Dave Ramsey Money Lessons $1Dave Ramsey Money Lessons $1
For just $1, you’ll receive “The Super Red Racer”, a kids’ book and “Cash Flow Planning” an adult lesson (both audio) to help you and your kids understand, manage, and save money.

In “The Super Red Racer”, kids will learn about the merits of hard work and saving for what they want. In “Cash Flow Planning”, you’ll learn how to live within your means, pay off your debt, and have enough extra cash for saving and entertainment.

You can listen to these audio books anywhere so grab it for only $1! Dave Ramsey Money Lessons $1

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You must download before February 12, 2012.

I just got mine. I love Dave Ramsey he is a smart man and fun to listen to even when he doesn't sugar coat the truth. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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