Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!

Last night the Easter Bunny delivered the baskets. Well Alan got the plate and the pretty big egg with the gold bow. The baskets go from oldest to youngest. Getting the baskets out of their box the other night I realized I had 4 very girly baskets but only 3 girls home this year. I kind of got sad at the thought of not having my Coco here.
The children all got something a little special in their baskets to fit their likes and personality. Hope you may all look at this Easter as a new beginning and enjoy life to the fullest. Happy Easter! Love, Bobbi Jo

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Kristen said...

Girl you sure are a busy woman! all these fun crafts and activities you and your girls do! and geez, the easter bunny was busy too! looks like you had a happy easter, i love you!