Saturday, March 1, 2008


Friday night we had Faiths Pizza Party. Everyone showed up and boy was it noisy! With lots of laughter, giggling and yelling to one another what a sweet sound to hear. They played out side on the trampoline and swing set. They had pizza and drinks and played some games that they decided to play on their own. Then it was time for the birthday cake and gifts. They never did get to watch the movie. They played hide and seek and a racing game over and over, talked and giggled a lot. So all in all it was fun. I had a couple of the little girls come up and tell me that it was the best party they had been too. I am not saying this bragging. My point is I think sometimes as adults we plan too much and spend too much time on trying to keep the children busy at parties with games and an agenda, when in the end
Girls Just Wanna Have FUN!!!

This is what I learned. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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Coco said...

That looks like a LOUD bunch of girls.. And I know they are because I called and it sounded realllllly busy and noisey! HAH