Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Clutter and Seeking to Simplify

I decided to start writing about an article I've been reading about simplifying our lives. I am going to start with emotional clutter. The process started last week with a blog that I posted that caused a fuss. In the blog I posted was what I believe trying to relieve some issues that have been held in way to long. I also attended a Enrichment Night that got me to thinking about close friends and how I felt that I have friends or maybe acquaintances that I talk with, but not ones that call and want to go do something or just share what is going on in their lives or ask for help. Now I know I am bad at this myself, worrying that they might be busy or caught up in my own little life. So I think with that blog I wanted to reach out for a friendship that had gotten lost with my family. I am now trying to rebuild this with members of the family who have gotten in touch with me. There are lives that are being cripples by emotional pain, resentment and other negative feelings. I don’t want to live that way. I have a person close to me that there life is very sad due to these things. The negative feelings destroy the soul and complicate our lives.
At times things might be too painful or too hard to get over that we need to talk to a counselor or our Bishops. In the article it says that the negative emotions poison our souls and sap our energy- these are the things we need to let go. So with that I have tried to make amends and I am working on becoming a better person. I had some very wise words from a beautiful and wise friend yesterday that I am going to put to work. Have a good day. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


kamikazern said...

...Or your doctor can double your dose of antidepressants like mine did for me! LOL!

The Hammond's said...

I am flying in tonight but I don't have your phone #. I'd like to come see you guys Friday when Coco gets in so I can hold Talmage! So post your number or give me a call on my cell 480-510-3797. I'll check back in soon!