Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fun Family Weekend

 On Friday afternoon Coco, Kyle, Talmage, Naima and Kylia came down from Pinetop to spend the weekend here in the valley. This Saturday night is the annual Trunk Or Treat at our church. 
We were very excited to have them come down I have to say I was the most excited though. Missed my grand babies so much. 
 Naima playing in Grandmas room

 Naima playing with my little figurines. Coco and Gabby being silly.
 Naima & Talmage
 Kylia in the Moby Wrap & Coco
Coco could do a serious infomercial for this wrap.
 Happy Kylia with her Mommy
Friday night Dallas & Sara came over to visit and have dinner with us all. We ate, talked and laughed.
After dinner
 Naima got into Coco's makeup and made herself so pretty
Up close of the eye shadow all over her pretty little face
 Alan Holding Kylia 
Dallas with Kylia and Talmage. Love those chubby little cheeks.
It was a fun time with the family. I love having them all here to enjoy each other.
Saturday Dallas and Kyle went to play baseball. The rest of the family just enjoyed the time together.
In the afternoon E'lyses friend Drew came over to hang out and wait for the Trunk Or Treat. 
Faith, Drew, E'lyse and Talmage watch Gabby playing on the Wii
Drew and Talmage. Apparently this is the best seat in the house to watch Wii being played
Coco, Kylia and Kyle before the Trunk or Treat

Talmage and Naima ready to go to the Trunk or Treat 
 Kaidence (dressed as Merida from Brave) walking next to Gabby and Naima leading the way
 Coco, Kylia, Krystal (Coco's friend) and Kerrigan her daughter as baby elephant
 Sara & Dallas as Sara & Dallas 
 Drew & E'lyse they dressed as military peeps 
 E'lyse and Talmage 
I think the kiddos had a fun night. Gabby and Faith dressed up too but they took off on their own.
Saturday night piano time
Drew, Talmage, E'lyse, Naima and creeper Gabby
 Kyle, Dallas and Sara .

In three weeks everyone will be together again for Thanksgiving. Can't wait! 
Coco and her family left this morning to go back up north. I really didn't want them to leave. It was so great to have them here. 
 Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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