Sunday, October 28, 2012

Autumn 2012 Pantry Challenge

As I was reading through blogs this afternoon a came upon this wonderful challenge over at Real Mom Nutrition. I love challenges! This one comes at a perfect time. Keeping it real here folks, money is TIGHT. On top of the regular bills that are normally due monthly I have my massage insurance due on November 11TH. So I need to cut corners where I can. So I am all over this challenge. If you want to join me it starts today October 28TH. This will be FUN! Her blog is amazing! Full of great ideas to feed our families and ourselves yummy nutritional food. 
I hope if you are joining that you will drop me a line on all the great things you are making, things you are using up and such. 
This is from the Real Mom Nutrition Blog  (copy & pasted) 
Autumn ’12 Pantry Challenge begins this Sunday October 28th and ends Sunday November 18th.
Want to join me? Here are the rules this time:
  1. Spend $50 or less per week  for food*. Keep in mind that your weekly budget can be higher– the point is to significantly shrink your current grocery bill.
  2. Draft weekly meal plans and try very hard to stick to them (I’ll be posting mine).
If you’re joining me, tell me in the comments section!
*This budget does not include toilet paper, cough drops and other non-food groceries–this also does not include trick-or-treat goodies, which I don’t purchase until Halloween.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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